Bold Solutions require Perseverance

Hi, I am Martin, I started now at Paessler AG as Odoo Developer and part of a great Team. My heart is in software development and especially in Odoo. That's why I'm very happy to be working in this area at Paessler AG.

Before I worked as head of IT at Best in Parking & Real Estate AG. I liked this job because this position gave me the opportunity to incorporate my many years of experience as a full-stack developer, administrator, entrepreneur into the company. Furthermore, I liked to turn complicated and manual processes into simple, automized processes. My nickname could be "The Cleaner". Despite it, to focus more on business processes and automation, I switched back to ERP/Software development, especially Odoo Development

Most of my experience I collected after I founded my own company in 2007. As a consultant and full-stack developer, I integrated and extended many various ERP Systems (mostly Odoo) for companies.

I learned how you successfully finish a long-time project, and I also learned how not. It was a hard and expensive school, but I was never bored.

The most important lesson I learned was that you always need a team. A company has to be always independent of you. With team members and the right documentation and information environment, you can reach this goal. Documentation is the most important task. Furthermore, It needs courage, spirit and experience to provide smart and simpler solution than the average. It is my way to solve complex things simply and efficiently. Finding a simple design that is flexible enough for the future requires experience and a feeling for the requirements.

In 2018, I got employed again. From sunhill-technologies I got a fantastic offer as a full-stack ERP Odoo developer/team lead. I was able to work with a big international team for a subsidiary of VW, better known as Paybyphone. It was a very intensive and wonderful time. My company was still active, but I reduced my tasks to a minimum. 

After nearly 3 years at sunhill-technologies, I got the offer to work as head of IT at Best in Parking & Real Estate AG. My job at sunhill-technologies was done because for my team members it was no problem to maintain the ERP System without me. As I said before, documentation and information management are the keys. 

During my time at Best in Parking & Real Estate AG, I was able to take IT organization to the next level. But as mentioned above, I have a passion for software development. This is what brought me to where I am now.

Odoo/ERP Developer
at Paessler AG
Head of IT
at Best in Parking & Real Estate AG
  • managing software/ERP projects

  • coordinate external service providers

  • maintain in-house data center

  • agile development

Odoo/ERP Team Lead
at sunhill-technologies GmbH
  • Odoo team management

  • Odoo development

  • business process development

  • partner and customer invoicing

  • accounting workflow

  • customer debt collection

  • business reporting

  • salesforce integration

  • agile development 

Founding my own Company 
  • ERP integration

  • ERP development

  • Odoo development

  • IT consultant

  • freelancer development

    Java, Python, Objective-C, C#, C, C++, Assembler, Javascript, Cordova, SQL, OpenGL, IOS/Android Apps, Flutter, cross-platform

  • network engineer, admin
    and DevOps

    Kubernetes, Proxmox, fluentd, Kibana, Linux, Windows Server, Terminal Server, Sensu Go, Docker, LXC, OpenWRT, OLSR, BGP, OSPF, B.A.T.M.A.N, GlusterFS, Postgres, Mysql, Ansible

  • open-source development


  • training of apprentices

    as software developer, system admin, computer hardware and customer support
  • founding OrderJim

    POS solutions for gastronomy like Orderman
  • founding

    WIFI internet service provider for rural areas
Full-Stack Developer
at TITAN electronic GmbH

Development of a control system for video surveillance, access and alarm systems.

Java, C/C++, Assembler, OpenGL, cross-platform
at Techno Consult

Design and implementation of a presentation system for casinos.

C/C++, Assembler, OpenGL
Developer and Administrator
at Sunamic Visual Networks
  • board control implementation

  • implementation of ActiveX Controls

  • exchange server administration

  • company network administration

C/C++, Java, Microsoft Exchange, SUSE
Developer at Akrobit
  • extended development and system education

    Java, C/C++, Windows, Unix, SINIX, SOLARIS, VSOP, CUBA, SQL, HTML und JAVA-Script
  • script development on linux/unix during training phase

HTBLA Kaindorf a.d. Sulm
  • higher technical institute for business, accounting, network engineering and software development

    Delphi, Java, C/C++, Assembler, Pascal, Cisco Certificate
  • jobs during school for companies

    Navision/ERP development, network administration, development of a capacity planning tool for metal industry in Delphi and Visual Basic